We are aimed at becoming an engine for societal development in Nigeria, Africa and lending our insights to the world at large.

KADE KEYO is a human development organization, focused on developing the human capacity of citizens within a given geographical location by creating channels for expression of ability as well as opportunities for learning. What we do gives individuals the ability to live better lives hence adding to the quality of life in their individual and communal environments. We do this by training people, creating solutions and helping individuals become better at what they do.

We envision a company where solutions to all challenges are possible hence becoming the first choice option for both individual and corporate solutions either in business or personal endeavours.

We believe that everything is possible and our mantra is, if you can think through it, then, taking a little at a time, you can accomplish much even towards achieving it completely.

KADE KEYO is founded on the principles of community and everything we do reflects just that in our CORE VALUES:


Our Work is aimed at helping the society at large through individual, communal and corporate provisions in the areas of business, community development and societal function.

We are concerned with the needs of every member of the human environment and constantly work to creating solutions, models , products and services that can allow for a better life engagement and general living experiences.