Our team of consultants work together for your good. We are business consultants, ensuring that we create the solutions required for your business or brand to thrive whether your needs are Sales, Marketing, Start-up counselling, general consulting or good old Business Plan Development.

We cater to clients just like you, looking to do it right and establish themselves as a force to reckon with in their industry. Our focus is to help you become better at what you do through researching your needs, creating the solutions and establishing the strategies to be executed.

Whether you require help with an old business or new, we look forward to hearing from you
We work tirelessly to create programs, platforms, communities and solutions that can help people find outlets to being who they are whether they are independent entrepreneurs or team minded workers looking for a proper outlet to express their talents. Our team of thinkers, managers, consultants and service providers research the society at large and its parts to find the next product, service or company that we can create which will make our environment a better one.

We hope we can provide for your needs with our already activated solutions.

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We already have some communities up and running that have been created to address the following societal challenges and more:

1. Unemployment
2. Lack of Entrepreneurship Funding
3. Asset Wastage

To request more information, kindly send a mail to solutions@kade-keyo.com with your enquiry as the subject and you will be provided with the relevant information.

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