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Everyday we see a lot of challenges in our lives that tends to isolate us, further making life more difficult to enjoy. Our goal is to create a system that addresses exactly those challenges. Some of these challenges which we seek to address are unemployment, selective entrepreneur funding, low societal business quality and investment, poor social services, lack of community support, asset wastage and an overcharge for low economic area services.

We believe that the true economic and societal power of any country lies in its people and it is our belief that building people will help them become better enough to build society. Our features and functions in Community are designed to generate resources for the society at large as well as allow people a more rewarding experience from every day life. We have seen that many people have potentials but these potentials go to waste for very many reasons.

With every problem lies an opportunity and we have for many years been working on a system which we call the 'TV-Box societal model', where-in using a communal approach, people can work together, learn more efficiently and implement what they learn in practical ways. As such, there lies the chances to create better businesses, excellent work ethic and a sustainable culture of continuous development.

Each product has been carefully crafted and undergoes continuous research & development to ensure that the solutions evolve with the times. It is our hope that we are able to help you achieve a more rewarding life.

Listed below are our available products. Links to how to apply has been attached at the end of every description. Alternatively you can go to each product's registration page directly via the website navigation bar above.

Our models:

1. Community Work Plan (C.W.P)

Everyone in the community has someting to offer but usually employments cannot go all around. Our Community Work Plan (C.W.P) is here to help. Here, every applicant can select their occupation or skill of interest and can join the platform that allows for community work, providing services needed by their immediate environment.

Skills vary and as such we provide our applicants the right to choose their occupation of interest. You can be interested in becoming a professional carpenter, painter, driver, home care-taker, plumber or barber and we will Train you as such.

Moreso, top performing trainees will be offered employment slots based on our capacities and environmental requirements for such services. Others, not directly employed, would now possess the skills to actively pursue their dreams

2. Venture Partnership (V.P)

Everyone truly has something to offer society, this is our belief. We want our society to be better and this can only happen when we all start to work together towards common goals to vanquish the evils in our society. With our venture partnership plan we can create a variety of businesses to service our community and ordinary people can be part of that.

Whether you have a house, land, cars or a business, we can partner with you on your asset to create valid quality and viable business services for society while focusing on excellent service to improve the standards of business in society. Remember, everyone has something to offer so let us know what yours is. To become a venture partner, follow the link below:

3. Business Partnership (B.P)

As Business Partners, our goal is to create viable venture points designed to service immediate communities, passersby and their environs. Participants of this venture type will undergo our partnership training and have a vested stake in the operation of the venture for as long as they work within the unit. They are co-owners of the venture. In the case where there is no existing venture community partner, KADE KEYO converts this venture to a viable business location, offering the same services with hired hands, thus replacing the co-owners to sustain the venture model.

Proceeds from this venture (Profits), are shared into 10 parts; each part (10%), belonging to a particular partner. Interested new partners can hence buy into this venture with an entry investmentment capital of 10% of the business setup costs.

4. Business Club (B.C)

The Business Club is a gathering of Business men and women for the singular purpose of profitable business transactions. It exists as an independent business unit of its own; managing contracts, executing projects, brokering business deals thereby creating a business channel for its members. As a project manager, the club administrative team, handles a variety of projects brought to it by members, public and private organizations and individual clients requiring business services.

Here trade deals are very Direct, between members and the club. Membership is free but a quick analysis of the applying member must be conducted to verify the business interests of the applicant

5. Silent Force Network (S.F.N)

The Silent Force Network is a professional network of simple individuals, combining resources for basic business ideas built to create needful societal services such as food, shelter, social amenities and clothing with dedication to innovation and excellence. We open rounds of community development funding for participation to create the businesses at such a pace towards ensuring benefits to members. The SFN is an ideology of community, showing people that they can come together in numbers of small but steady contributions to build our ailing economy by investing in our business development and human capital.

The Process for an intending member is directly related to the amount the member is willing to contribute. We have a maximum tenure of 3 years and a minimum of 6 months for the contributions to yield returns to the member. The minimum amount payable to the community fund is #5,000 naira while the maximum amount is #5,000,000.

6. Skill Training Program (S.T.P)

Skills make the society a more interesting place to live in. There are very many options for people to find new skills to make them relevant in today's world. Our methodology is no different. With our Skills Training Program, anyone can choose to learn new skills. This can be done by looking at our list of current trainings on-going, upcoming or requesting to be trained in certain areas of interest to expand knowledge.

Creators of the TV - BOX MODEL,
Founder and Co-founder
Eloho and Tanho Attah